What we do

  • Monthly Seminar series: Hear about ongoing Neuroscience research through our informal seminar series with graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and SoN faculty members.
  • Neuroscience Trainee Lab Meeting: Monthly “lab meetings” for trainees only, where we get to troubleshoot an experiment/analysis/research idea with fellow graduate students and postdocs.
  • NPGA General Assembly meetings: Held 3 times / semester, here we meet for updates on event/seminar planning and a trainee-chosen “Hot Topic”
  • Hot Topics: Our hot topics range from “So you want to be a PI?” to “How to prepare and write a grant.” We aim to invite experts on the topic that can come share advice, personal experience, and more regarding topics that both graduate students and postdocs can benefit from.
  • Outreach Events: Engage with the Virginia Tech and overall community to share our love of neuroscience. We host events, visit local schools, and participate in science festivals…
  • Socials:
  • Resources: We gather contact information, resources, etc regarding career opportunities, grants, funding, travel, conferences, etc…

For the schedule of Neuroscience-related events and seminars, please see our Calendar!

Upcoming Events