The Neuroscience Postdoctoral and Graduate Association (NPGA) is dedicated to facilitating the professional and scientific development of neuroscience graduate students and postdoctoral associates. In this spirit, NPGA’s Resources committee compiled a list of Academic Resources and Funding Resources.

Moreover, the NPGA affirms, supports, and uplifts the value and experiences of every individual, regardless of race, color, orientation, sex, age, disability, citizenship, religion, or other basis. To be a source of support for the student, postdoctoral, and researcher communities in the School of Neuroscience, NPGA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee made it its mission to provide resources, which can also be found here. Resources on Diversity and Inclusion

NPGA’s Outreach committee is dedicated to bridging the gap between science and the New River Valley community and to inspire graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to be more engaged in science communication and scientific outreach. You can find resources supporting those aims here: Undergraduate students, Science Communication, K-12.

The job, internship and volunteering opportunities, as well as any workshops that the NPGA Board hears about, will be compiled on the NPGA Opportunities Board under Opportunities.

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