k-12 outreach: In person activities


Neuro Microscopy

Do you know what your brain cells look like? Learn about neurons and glia, two of the types of cells found in our brains. You can look at real mouse neurons under a microscope, and see images of other brain cells from different animals and humans.

Comparative Neuroanatomy

Have you ever seen a mouse brain? A sheep brain? How are they alike human brains? How are they different? Interact with and observe real animal brains and human brain models to learn all about the evolution of the brain and why that helps us do research.

Brain development

How does your brain grow? What kinds of things can change how our brains develop? See tadpole brains under a microscope and learn how and why we use animals in research to model the development of our own brains.

Scientific Method

How do scientists design an experiment? What is a hypothesis? Learn all about the scientific method, and design your own theoretical experiment!


Different parts of our brains have very special jobs and unique abilities. Make and color your very own brain hat to learn the anatomy and functions of different lobes and regions of your cortex.

How to Hack Your Nervous System

How does your brain see what your eyes are looking at? Can you trick your brain? Test your aim with prism goggles and learn how the visual-motor system can adapt and change depending on the signals our brains receive.

Optical Illusions

Observe and learn how optical illusions and 3D stereograms work! Learn the “magic” behind many of the optical illusions you might have seen.