How To Apply To Grad School? workshop series

The How to Apply to Grad School? Workshop series is designed for undergraduate students. It consists of four different workshops guiding you through the process of applying to grad school. The resume and personal statement sessions of the How To Apply to Grad School? workshop series can be followed up with feedback by the NPGA Outreach Committee and Scientistas, more information on that will follow during the workshops. The NPGA Outreach Committee will also provide the opportunity to do mock interviews after the session on “Interview Skills.”

slides and other resources fall 2021

All resources and recordings for the Fall 2021 How to apply to Grad School series are on Canvas. If you’re interested in accessing those resources, and be kept up to speed about the workshop, please contact to be added to the course.

slides and other resources fall 2020

The slides and resources for the How to Apply to Grad School? Workshop Series are currently being migrated from the old website. We hope to have completed this migration before winter break 2020, in the mean time click here to be redirected to the old NPGA site with all its resources.